Iran planning to carry out bombngs in Kenya. United States and Israel plan bombing Iran.

According to news stories this week a couple of agents of the Iranian regime were bought in Iran, where they allegedly planned to carry out bomb attacks against American and Israeli embassies or consulates.   With big fonts, and bigger indignation, we learn how the Iranian regime might be planning suicide bombings against embassies and how […]

The American manchurian candidate wins Egyption election

Egyptians faced a hard choice in their election this week. After ousting American backed and supported president Hosni Mubarak president through the CIA led arab spring. The Egyptians succeeded in elevating the US backed Egyptian military to power. (We have yet to see exactly how or if the military relinquishes power.) Now elections have finally […]

Lets stand up for Chrisitan values

There are a lot of groups out there that pretend to be fighting for Christian values or the new term family values. You know of whom I speak. The anti gay/anti gay marriage/protect the family crowed. They say that based on the Bible two men should not have sex with each other. It is true […]

Politicians courting the OWS movement.

OWS does not refuse to use the media, it refuses to be USED by the media. OWS is not ruled by talking heads on tv, or professional politicians, left or right who created this mess together. The only real solution is to remove the current rulers and replace them. In a democracy that would be […]

The difference between faith based politics and informed politics.

Often discussion regarding policies are divided into a faith based point of view and view informed by the world we live in. For instances only teaching children “abstinence only” is based on the notion that people up to and including high school should not have sex. There might be a lot of people who believe […]

Hurting Wall Street where it matters.

Recently there has a been a great movement across the country to encourage people to move their accounts from large corrupt and bailed out banks to local credit unions. Part of the idea is that the money will do the local community more good and of course hurt the big banks. Unfortunately most of the […]

Industrial food production

Firstly I am abhorred by the treatment of our “food” animals. There is no excuse for it. I think the author of Eternal Treblinka said is best that for those animals it is an eternal holocaust. It is also something that is abstracted away from us so most people, people who dont actively seek it […]